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Leading the Way in Nursing Education

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UKWAZI SCHOOL OF NURSING PTY LTD is a nursing education institution accredited by the SOUTH AFRICAN NURSING COUNCIL in terms of the Nursing Act, 2005.

Our Main Campus is in Roodepoort, Gauteng, South Africa and we also have a Sub-Campus in Potchefstroom, North West Province, South Africa.


Nursing education in South Africa is in a flux of change.   The old (legacy) nursing qualifications of Nursing Auxiliary (R2176) and Enrolled Nurse (R2175) have been phased out.  The last intake of learners for all other legacy nursing qualifications will be 31 December 2019 as announced by the Minister of Higher Education and Training.  The new Higher Certificate in Auxiliary Nursing (R169) and Diploma in Nursing (Staff Nurse)  are being phased in.  

The phasing in of the new nursing qualifications is a lengthy and involved process that will require patience from prospective students wishing to study towards the new qualifications.  The South African Nursing Council announced in December 2016 that the new Higher Certificate in Auxiliary Nursing would start in January 2018 and the Diploma in Nursing in January 2019 which has not happened.  The Council has thus far (after 4 years) failed to issue any nursing education institution with certificates of accreditation that would enable them to commence with these programmes - a situation which is causing great discontent.  Both the Higher Certficate and the Diploma will commence as soon as the Council issues accreditation certificates.  


UKWAZI SCHOOL OF NURSING has complied with all legal requirements to offer the new qualifications: 

  • The School is provisionally registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training until 31 December 2022 as a private Higher Education Institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997 - Registration Certificate No 2018/HE07/002.
  • The School is accredited by the COUNCIL ON HIGHER EDUCATION (“CHE”) for the new qualifications:  the Higher Certificate in Auxiliary Nursing (CHE ref H/PR426/E001CAN) and the Diploma in Nursing: Staff Nurse (CHE ref H/PR426/E001CAN).
  • The School's qualifications for the new learning programmes have also been registered by the SOUTH AFRICAN QUALIFICATIONS AUTHORITY:  SAQA ID 98915 (Auxiliary Nursing) and 97938 (Staff Nurse) – please refer to (Registered Qualifications and Unit Standards).
  • Both our campuses (Roodepoort main campus and Potchefstroom sub-campus) are already accredited by the SOUTH AFRICAN NURSING COUNCIL for the new Auxiliary Nurse qualification commencement being subject to the issue of accreditation certificates by the South African Nursing Council. 


The School intends finalising the first intake of students for the Higher Certificate in Auxiliary Nursing as soon as the South African Nursing Council issues certificates of accreditation which is anticipated to happen by mid-year or sooner.  The School also anticpates that the Council will finalise its accreditation processes as far as the Diploma in Nursing is concerned by mid-year.

Prospective students are urged to ensure timeously that they meet the admission criteria for the new qualifications as prescribed by statute and stipulated by UKWAZI SCHOOL OF NURSING:  please access the ADMISSION CRITERIA button at the top of this page for more information in this regard.


 Council on Higher EducationSouth African Nursing Council




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Roodepoort Campus 011-760-3098

Potchefstroom Campus 018-297-6532

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